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Goal: to create easy and understandable site-catalogue for the brand dealers.

The positive moment in working with websites is the diversity of site categories, which keeps our creativity and imagination alert. Severina project is among the sites, developing of which brings pure joy.

Severina is a well-known cosmetic brand under which a wide range of nail care products is manufactured. We enthusiastically started to work on it, and our effort resulted in a delicate and very feminine site.

Idea and realization

Easy, attractive, simple and understandable — that's the way we saw this project.

We decided not to create a site in a dry booklet style

Severina website has everything a website needs: moderate amount of modules, informative pages and a pleasant design. The major part of information is obviously a product catalogue which offers a wide range of items, being able to satisfy any need and taste. It is also possible to purchase the products online by simply adding the chosen products in the basket, which is easily manageable.

The site turned out to be easy and attractive

Severina website took its place in our diverse portfolio as another successful and quality work which we are proud of.