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Task: to launch experimental project for testing Fortima CMS and our abilities.

Idea and solution: to create a vast non-commercial social network.

After eight months of hard work, hot debates, exhausting testing and heartbreaking code debugging, the world saw the Rutalant project — a social network for talented people.

One of the first versions

Many specialists in the sphere of art cannot find a job because of lack of education or communicability, so we created Rutalant specially for them. Here any talented person can present his or her work for judgment, criticize the work of others, find partners, employers, colleagues and simply friends.

Despite total lack of cranking and media and context advertising, the network started to gain popularity and soon became a small but independent and fully functioning virtual world. 

As a result...

We are happy that we were not lazy to realize our idea. Now we watch its development with great pleasure and do our best to improve it. And we carry on other scary and crazy experiements on another stage.