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Client: Poltrona za polceny

«Poltrona za polceny» is a chain of Italian furniture shops functioning as outlet.

We wanted to create online-hypermarket to support our Moscow retail chain. As a result we developed an online-shop with a detailed catalogue and comfortable system of furniture selection.

The outlet’s main feature is discount prices for the whole range of products. We presented the information about discounts as informative as possible.

Home page

Home page

Site visitors are not simple buyers of furniture. They are delicate aesthetes who appreciate brand’s popularity. This kind of visitors will be glad to find a section with the description and history of every brand.

Our copywriters filled up the section of useful information that is requested by our visitors from search engines.

In our online-shop customers can select furniture by any characteristic:

  • Type;
  • Style;
  • Brand.
Page of catalogue with filters

Page of catalogue with filters

Unlike other furniture stores “Poltrona za polceny” offers sets of furniture as well as separate items from them. For that purpose website provides a possibility to form an order from any pieces of furniture you like. Every item has its own description and price.

That is what flexible discount system means!

Page of set of furniture

Page of a set of furniture