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Fortima specialists can find a creative approach even to serious projects, and that’s exactly what happened with Minski Dom Okon (Minsk Window House).Before joining "Triple" group, the company was called LTD "Minskie Okna".

Goal: create a site for the company, producing windows and other translucent constructions. We wanted to make this site special, taking into consideration that this is the leading company of Belarus in this field .

Idea and realization:  the idea was realized graphically on the site in form of blocks with clouds,usage of calm sky color and building silhouettes.

Sky background

The website welcomes you with animated city panorama that reveals the most famous buildings, which are, apparently, Minsky Dom Okon clients.

Client's objects

We had to create quite a number of modules for the site since the company has a lot to offer and inform potential clients about. The modules include a blog with useful information, a section for the companies’ certifications and obviously, a whole vast section of the products offered.

Home page

One of the features of the site is online consultant service. If you feel like you need additional information on some question, you can communicate with the company agent online, which is undoubtedly beneficial, as many people prefer personal communication to independent information search.

It was a great opportunity for us to get Minsky Dom Okon in the list of our clients and we will be looking forward to further partnership.