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Goal: to create a website for children clothing shop.

Apart from creating a site, which would allow to fully carry on trade processes via Internet,we were also required to develop corporate identity and create a shop brand as such.

Idea and realization: the idea was focused on attractive and understandable logo featuring angel and done in easy and childish style.

Corporate identity and logo

We broke our work down to a few stages. Firstly, we did a bit of magic with the corporate identity.

Our fantasy was limited with the following requirements:

  • the logo had to include the word «Angels»;
  • we had to refrain from all possible cute cliches.

Easy at  first sight directions turned out to be quite a challenging task. It was difficult to find any other association except little children, adding to the, obvious fact that they are cute by themselves. Thoughts about children inevitably led to sketches as such:

вариант логотипа для Ангелов

Version of the logo

Attempts to create something different led  to doubtful results. The sign is associated with funeral services:

вариант логотипа для Ангелов

The second version of the logo

The work was corrected by the client himself, who refused the name«Angels» and decided to change it for«Love Angels». Our fantasy flew in another direction, and after few drafts we came to the result which fully satisfied the customer:

логотип Love Angels

Approved logo

After logo approvement the work went much faster, and pretty soon the development of corporate identity was done.

Online-shop development

Afterwards the studio actively started site development. We planned to create attractive and functional online-shop and consider every detail so that the order placing process would be easy and would not tire the user.

We worked on structure and navigation of the shop for a long time in order not to overload the user with information.

The home page immediately displays best prices on clothes and popular brands. Pleasant color scheme of the site, done in light shades, creates easy and cheerful mood and gives a sense of relaxation and serenity.

The search of desired item takes a few clicks only: choice of child's age, clothes color and price range. It allows to narrow the search down and saves the user's time.

Final version

It was great pleasure for us to work on this project and we wish Love Angels many satisfied clients and productive development.