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Client: EGM.by

Aim: to make a perfect web-catalogue of led strip lights, led profile and related products.

The web-site is developed on the Django platform using libraries AngularJS, ReactJS, jQuery, also CSS Animation and Ajax were used. An incredible effect of interaction between the wep-page and the user was achieved with the help of these technologies and libraries.

Web-pages of EGM.by do not fully reload, the content of the page changes smoothly and beautifully with the help of animation.

Home page

The catalogue of the site has a long product list. For every product there are some related goods that occurred inside the catalogue.

Catalogue page

The user can calculate the cost of goods depending on length or quantity. This is very convenient and informative.

Order page

There is a possibility to calculate characteristics of the products automatically on the web-site.

Page for calculating the power of supply unit.

Web-site has mobile version

The mobile version of the web-site has a full functional: you can view all products and calculate the cost.