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Goal: to create a site for building organization.

A well-done and professionally designed site should reflect the idea and spirit of the company and at the same time be original and catching. The website we developed for Avangardproektstroi company, which provides building materials and develops house projects, perfectly matches these requirements.

Idea and realization

Firstly we created a logo that reflects environmentally-friendly spirit of the organization

Since the company is connected with housing, brown and beige colors became the ideal choice for design. 

The home page contains examples of ready houses and brief description of the company and its services. The navigation through modules is easy and convenient. On the page with Useful Information the user can find articles on frame construction subject. 

Portfolio of works is presented by a photo gallery. It includes impressive number of realized projects, which speaks in favor of "Avangardproektstroi" specialists' professionalism.

Home page

All in all, our work resulted in a simple but pleasant and attractive site, fulfilling its main function of informing and promoting Avangardproektstroi.