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Maintenance of a website is an all-inclusive service helping to increase its efficiency while keeping expenses low. Fortima specialists will undertake administrative tasks for your website, its technical improvement and promotion.

You will receive

Filling with content

We will include new products into your catalogue, write news or articles. Your website information will always be up to date.

Design improvement

We will refine website graphics according to your wish, improve text appearance, and create banners. That will make your website more atractive for clients.

Improving functionality

We can integrate a new section or a module on your website: user account, gallery, online consultations. Your website will become convenient and useful in usage.

Website promotion

We will internally optimize your website, extend its semantic kernel, and integrate ads. Website position in search engines will grow, as well as its traffic.

Mode of operation

  • Adjusting statistical analysis systems, examining your website, designing an improvement plan
  • Obtaining your consent for introducing changes and implementing them: gradually and bit by bit
  • At the end of month reporting on improvement of website’s quality, increased rate of its searchability and traffic

How much it costs

You determine the maintenance costs by yourself. You will receive a correspondent number of work-hours of the following specialists: analyst, content manager, designer and programmer. Experience shows that with 100 USD budget you will see positive results already on the third month.

We promise honest, professional attitude and clear methods of work.