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Web-application for keeping accounting and inventory records of an enterprise.

The program allows keeping a record of:

  • bank operations;
  • purchase and realization of material assets;
  • flow of the documents of an enterprise;
  • storage state;
  • mutual accounting between companies;
  • transfers between business accounts;
  • зsalary;
  • taxes.

Several users can work with the application at the same time,and flexible division of access rights is established between them.

The program allows connecting additional modules for expanding the functional depending on the enterprise needs.

The presence of a company website offers additonal options for program users.

Amount of goods in storage synchronizes with the one reflected on the site. The data, entered by the users through the forms (details, demands, technical support tickets, etc..) are automatically added to the database of the application.

For Internet shops online demands are fixed in a form that is easy to process.

Goods stock-list

Material assets realization


File print

Movement on the bill

Bill report