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Web-application is a program which is accessed via Internet.

Fortima studio develops web-applications which allow easy and convenient work with the following information:

  • Applications and payments management
  • Processing of product catalogue
  • Statistics implementation and sales record
  • Automation of enterprise functioning

What are the features of web-application?

1. Access from any computer via internet search engine

You will not have to install the program on every computer. You can work with the application in the office, at home or during a business trip.

2. Independence from operation system or device

The application is available from any PC, tablet or Smartphone that have Internet access.

3. Immediate data update

A lot of people can make changes at the same time. All changes are uploaded automatically so you will not have to refresh the page.

We offer full program of development: concept discussion and specification development, designing, testing and setting the application on server, maintenance and technical support of the product.