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Fortima CMS is an easy, convenient and reliable site management system. Working with it does not require any special skills, and the projects based of the system are easy to modify and promote.

The benefit for you is the ease of site content operation, and for us it is convenient to develop sites of any complexity on its basis.

During the years of our activity Fortima CMS has had a number of revisions. By now around hundred sites are functioning on it. However, we do not stop on the achieved results and are looking for new ways of increasing its reliability, performance and convenience.

Fortima CMS Technical Characteristics

General information
System name Fortima CMS
System requirements
Database MySQL
Operating system Linux or Windows
Web-server Apache or NGINX
Programming language Python
Is root required for installation? No
Safety and productivity
Tracking of user activities (logging) Yes
Protection from automatic form filling (CAPTCHA) Yes
Concurrent access (rights allocation) Yes
Page caching Yes
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Yes
Guarantee maintenance Yes
User Guide Yes
Possibility of system configuration independently No
Third-party developers (companies that can support and develop the system alongside with the system developers) Yes
Possibility to purchase the system separately from the project (Box) Yes
Ease of use
Friendly URL Yes
Image resize Yes
Batch download Yes
Cloning of system objects (material copying) No
Style setting for visual material editing Yes
Recovery of deleted objects (Bin) No
Visual editor (WYSIWYG-editor) Yes
Few interface languages Yes
Multilanguage support of sites Yes
Multi-siting Yes